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Cloud Security Assurance


A 5 steps approach combining our cloud security specialists and AI powered tooling to establish a diagnostic of your cloud security posture and provide actionable recommendations.

Day 1- Initiate the service. 1-2h call to gather business and architecture context

Day 2 - Onboarding of the chosen Cloud Security Posture Management  Tool

Day 2 to 4 - Monitoring with CSPM tool for a minimum 48h. Expert analysis

Day 4 - Share interim report during 1-2h feedback call to refine findings

Day 5 - Issue final report with 1-2h workshop to go through recommendations

Scope of Services

Comprehensive cloud security assessments designed for SMEs to augment your cloud and security team with a specialized service.

Cloud Security Initial Health Check

  • Objective: Identify vulnerabilities and security gaps.

  • Scope:  Configuration review against chosen security framework (vendor specific, CIS, NIST, ISO)

  • Deliverables:

    • Report with actionable recommendations, 2-4 hours workshop in-person to detail actionable recommendations and jointly articulate risks

Ongoing Cloud Security Remediation Services

  • Objective: Continuous security monitoring and updates.

  • Scope: Implement recommendations, regular audits, incident response, employee training.

  • Deliverables:

    • Monthly reports, real-time alerts, quarterly reviews.​

Scope of services

Module options

  • Infrastructure security review (default)

  • Code pipeline security review 

  • Workload security review

  • Microservices (Kubernetes) Security review

Services covered:​

  • Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI),

  • SaaS: Microsoft M365, Google Cloud Workspace, Salesforce

  • Microservices: Kubernetes

Cloud Security Posture Management tooling: Leading CSPM (Palo Alto Prisma Cloud) or Native Cloud Security tooling or other CSPM on demand.

Why Cybersherpa for cloud security assurance

1 - Tailored security assurance. We adapt to the context of your company profile and data sensitivity.

2-  Our experts and methodology enable us to get to the essential quickly. We use automation and AI powered tools to maximise the impact and value of our cloud security review.

3 - You get to choose the tooling (3rd party CSPM or native security assessment) so that you can continue using it once the review is completed.

4 - Our output comes with actionable recommendations to remediate security issues with clear prioritisation

5 - We provide a range of options to continue support you on an ongoing basis.

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