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NEWS! Cybersherpa has partnered with Trend Micro and is an authorized reseller of Trend Micro products and services.

Partnership with Trend Micro

We believe that managing your cyber risk is an integral part of your business strategy and ultimate success. Leveraging over 35 years of security expertise and technology foresight, Trend Micro is transforming the world of cybersecurity.

Cybersherpa brings a pragmatic cyber expertise to help your organisation select and integrate the fit for purpose cyber solutions. Cybersherpa will advise on the cyber risk reduction opportunities while making sure budget, operations, IT & security architecture, as well as user experience are fully considered. 

Trend Vision One

Trend Vision One  provides a holistic view of all risks, vulnerabilities and what needs to be done to continuously increase resilience.

Centralised management of solutions, management of the attack surface, high automation, modular system are just some of the advantages of a platform.

The most important, however, is that silos are broken down and visibility can be guaranteed across all security tools - so an attacker can be stopped quickly and efficiently.

The technical analysis will consist of: 

  • Cloud Posture Assessment 

  • External Attack Surface Assessment

  • Exchange Online Mailbox/Gmail Assessment

  • At-Risk Endpoint Assessment 

  • Phishing Simulation Assessment 

  • Vulnerability Assessment 

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