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Guiding enterprises towards

Cyber Infrastructure Resilience

Cybersherpa's mission is to help enterprises transform their cyber infrastructure to be resilient to cyber threats and aligned to business objectives. We achieve this with a proven Enterprise Security Architecture approach, guiding clients from strategy to implementation. ​



Proven Experience

Cost Conscious

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Where we can help.

Use Cases and Recent Client Deliveries

Our flagship services provide pragmatic solutions to enterprises' business and cyber use cases.

Build Secure GenAI Cloud Infrastructure

With the adoption of in-house GenAI platforms, organisations need to ensure security and privacy by design is adopted in the deployment of the new cloud infrastructure.

Work Anywhere with Security Service Edge (SSE)

Work is no longer a place, it’s what
people do. Cybersherpa can help make work-from-anywhere simple for users and secure for the organisation by guiding you through a modular approach in the adoption of a SSE architecture. 

Internet Access Protection

The main vectors of attacks on businesses remain users' internet and email access. Cybersherpa offers a rapid review of security architecture and pragmatic solutions in partnership with adapted solutions.

Cloud Native Security Transformation

The future of the cyber infrastructure is hybrid for most enterprises in Switzerland. We help organisations ensure cloud services are protected with consistent enterprise security principles, leveraging cloud native solutions.

Secure Access to GenAI Tools (such as ChatGPT)

As more employees leverage AI tools to boost productivity, significant cybersecurity risks emerge. We offer solution to balance security and innovation, by enforcing robust security policies without hindering access to these innovative tools.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

The multiple recent vulnerabilities of remote access architecture based on VPN have highlighted the need to accelerate the transformation of networks towards a Zero Trust architecture. Cybersherpa provides a pragmatic approach to initiate this change in small steps.

Attack Surface and Cyber Risk Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of your  organization’s attack surface, as a cyber criminal sees it, followed by a half-day interactive workshop of interviews with your leadership team to understand current capabilities and desired capabilities.

CISO As a Service (vCISO) and Interim Management

Leadership and advice from cybersecurity experts available on demand for your business security needs with regular operational support on risk level monitoring and compliance checks.

What we do.

End-to-end Service Offering

Cybersherpa provides a complete range of services to enhance your cyber hybrid infrastructure with an Entreprise Security Architecture mindset. 


  • Zero Trust Capability Assessment

  • Infrastructure Transformation Strategy

  • CISO as a Service (vCISO)



  • Infrastructure Security Architecture

  • Network Security Design

  • Cloud Infra Security Design


  • Cloud Native Security Engineering

  • Security Service Edge (SSE)

  • Zero Trust Network Access

  • Micro Segmentation 



Download our White Paper

Replacing VDI with Security Service Edge

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In this white paper we consider what has held back the migration off VDI and consider opportunities and risks of enabling access to nearshore and third-party teams with a Zero Trust architecture and Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions. In particular with consider how browser isolation is shifting the balance in favour of SSE.

SSE & Browser Isolation.png

Certified Partner

Cybersherpa is ready to support your entreprise with certified specialists for the design and implementation of Zscaler solutions!

Today, businesses operate with applications hosted in the cloud, allowing their employees to access them from the office, on the road or from home. Rather than relying on traditional perimeter protection, these businesses require security solutions that protect data and applications with a Zero Trust approach, and a great user experience regardless of the user location or device used.

Simplification of your infrastructure

Protection against cyber threats everywhere and from any device

Improved user experience

We're not alone, neither are you. 

Trusted Partnerships and Solutions

Cybersherpa brings its pragmatic and independent cyber expertise to help your organization select and integrate cybersecurity solutions adapted to its needs. Our strong experience also relies on building trusted relationships, training, certifications and partnerships with technology providers to meet business needs. Cybersherpa advises your organization on opportunities to reduce cyber risks with these solutions while ensuring that budget, privacy, compliance, operations, IT and security architecture, and user experience are fully taken into account.

Our Mission?

Guiding enterprises towards hybrid infrastructure cyber resilience with Zero Trust architecture and Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions.

The adoption of cloud services and shift to remote work have increased the need for secure access from any device from anywhere. Legacy networking and perimeter based security solutions are inadequate to provide the required user experience and security while complex to operate in a hybrid environment. The adoption of Zero Trust architecture and Security Service Edge present significant opportunities to solve those challenges. However, the implementation of these solutions requires sufficient strategy, planning and maturity to achieve the required objectives or risk to increase the vulnerability of the cyber infrastructure. Cybersherpa provides a pragmatic approach to guide enterprises in their adoption of Zero Trust Security Service Edge solution.

While cloud adoption continues, the future of cyber infrastructures remains firmly hybrid for most enterprises.

Security and Technology leaders must deal with an increasing attack surface, often fragmented cyber defences and rapidly evolving cyber threats. Developing a Zero Trust architecture with Security Service Edge (SSE) is an opportunity for enterprises to achieve a higher cyber resilience when they implement it with a stepped approach and pragmatic use cases.

Jean-Loup Ravinet

Founder Cybersherpa

Jean-Loup Ravinet, Cybersherpa founder and partner

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Based in Switzerland

Cybersherpa is now located at the Trust Village. 

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