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Our next event in Geneva, on June 20th !

Financial Sector Resilience :
Top 5 Zero Trust Use Cases

June 20th, 2024

5:30 pm to 8 pm

Designed for FSO

Registration Only


Event in FR & EN

Join us for a great event where we'll dive deeper into five use cases for the Zero Trust model. This event, hosted by experts in the field, will enable the collaborative presentation of concrete cases encountered by companies in the Geneva financial center.


The event commences at 5:30 pm with a warm welcome extended to all our guests. As participants arrive, they'll have the perfect opportunity to engage in networking, initiating conversations and forging new professional relationships. At 6 pm, we transition into the heart of the event, embarking on a comprehensive exploration of our five use cases. These cases are meticulously crafted to spotlight prevalent business challenges within the banking and investment sectors, offering innovative solutions to address them. Embracing a round table format, we encourage active participation from all attendees, fostering a collaborative environment where insights and experiences can be shared freely, enriching the collective understanding of the group.


Following the engaging discussions, we invite everyone to unwind and continue their conversations over refreshing drinks and finger foods.


Doors Opening & Welcome coffee


Zero Trust Introduction


Use cases presentation


Concluding remarks


Cocktail reception

Use Case Presentation

Cybersherpa has meticulously chosen five use cases that represent significant business challenges encountered by banks and investment firms. There's a growing recognition of the need for evolution in IT management practices for Financial Services Organisations. Our event is designed to foster collaboration, providing security professionals from banks and investment firms with a platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on addressing common challenges.


20 min

Improve User Experience & Security for Geographically Distributed Workforce

Swiss financial services have experienced remarkable growth over the last few decades, expanding into key markets such as Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong. However, despite this expansion, the communication infrastructure has predominantly remained hosted in Swiss data centers. Additionally, the adoption of remote working and cloud services has placed added strain on the existing infrastructure. As a result, banks and investment firms are now prioritizing the enhancement of employee experience while maintaining a focus on security and compliance as core elements of their architectural strategy.


15 min

Replace VPNs with Zero Trust Network Access

Given the recent series of critical vulnerabilities affecting most VPN technologies, IT and security teams are dedicating a significant amount of effort to patching and maintaining legacy infrastructure. These outdated architectures, with an expanded attack surface, fail to adequately protect company data. In light of the escalating cyber threats, nothing within a company network should be implicitly trusted, and verification should consistently be enforced based on a set of policies.


15 min

Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

The increase of cyber threats requires that all security solutions work synchronously to detect and prevent breaches. Intelligence should be created and shared across security solutions when near-miss occurs or when specific users are breached. However, multiples solutions tend to create silos which reduce visibility and detection, how can Swiss banks and investment firms provide access to sensitive data based on a dynamic posture aggregated from multiple security signals ?


20 min

Secure Usage of Gen AI Tools, such as ChatGPT

Using generative AI (GenAI) tools like ChatGPT is becoming essential for enhancing employee efficiency, but this widespread adoption introduces new security concerns. As more employees leverage these tools to boost productivity, significant cybersecurity risks, such as leakage of sensitive data, emerge. Blocking access to GenAI sites is non-sense because they are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. But how can we balance security and innovation, by enforcing robust security policies without hindering access to these innovative tools and stifling progress?


20 min

Enable Nearshoring Collaboration

More and more banks outsourced part of their activities outside of Switzerland due to shortage of specialist IT staff. But how to enable those teams in an efficient way while remaining compliant with FINMA regulations? Until now, VDI has been the widely adopted solution, but financial services are faced with cost, security and operational challenges. Lighter and more secure options are emerging.


In our quest for proximity to our clients, particularly private banks and investment funds, we have selected a location in the very heart of Geneva : the prestigious Quartier des Banques. Nestled just a 15-minute walk from Geneva train station or 5 minutes from the Place de Bel Air, this location embodies the essence of our commitment to convenience and accessibility for our guests, aiming to minimize travel and transportation.

Location : Pl. de la Synagogue 5, 1204 Genève

An event's carbon footprint significantly decreases when attendees use public transportation. For assistance planning your route, please visit

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